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Keith Allen - Keith Meets Keith (14th September 2009) [PDTV (Xvid)]

Published on Sep 16th, 2009 - 01:09 in P2P

Keith Allen - Keith Meets Keith (14th September 2009) [PDTV (Xvid)]

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One Response to “Keith Allen - Keith Meets Keith (14th September 2009) [PDTV (Xvid)]”

  1. on 12 Nov 2014 at 10:36 pmMaya

    431If they didn’t care about the viewers’ surpopt they wouldn’t still be subbing the show. Is there really any point in subbing something if no one is watching it? No, there isn’t. My comments should actually be pretty damn inspiring to whomever is starting to release these again because of how bad I absolutely trashed how Rumbel was releasing things several months ago. I’m showing them that they managed to bring my my interest after having thought they would never finish and I would just lol every time I checked their page. If anything, I’m showing even more surpopt by letting myself become enamored again with their releases. They’ve managed to almost sway someone who had given up on them for forever. I’m not one to come back and say OMG THANKS FOR TWO RELEASES IN A WEEK SO GLAD YOU’RE BACK. Because as far as I could tell, I could’ve released the first six or seven episodes in their backlog BY MYSELF in about two weeks. In closing, I ask that you kindly shut the fuck up and get over yourself.31


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